Wait no more. Now you can instantly collect your online order
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360 campaign for GERMANOS, one of the leading tech gear retailers in Greece.



Crowd: -Happy Birthday dear Giannis…Happy Birthday to you… ♪♪
-Wish! Wish! Wish!
Giannis: Ok… Let me think…….…
Man 1: Come on!
Woman 1: Come on Giannis, blow the candles!
Giannis: Urm…….
Woman 1: Come on Giannis, blow them!
Man 2: Come on!
Woman 1: What are you waiting for?
Man 3: We’re hungry!
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CLICK and enter You will find more than 11.000 technology products. Among them will be your next smartphone; to replace your previous one from 500B.C. You’ll also find the smartwatch that will help you reach your 10km goal (good luck with that). You’ll find a Smart TV that will cease the suffering of watching 4-hour films on a 13’’ laptop screen. You will find the robot vacuum that will finally make your home inhabitable. You will discuss it with your mum, your best friend, your boyfriend, your cousin & your cat and will finally make a decision.  You will rub your hands, excited that you reached a conclusion. This is the time you will realise that you anticipate your order soooooooooooooooooooo much that you just can’t wait until you receive it. G Click and Collect by GERMANOS is here for you. You will choose your nearest among all GERMANOS stores. You will checkout and then you will get out of your sofa, bed, armchair or recliner, without necessarily dressing up, even in your pyjamas, and you will set to collect you new gadget. Immediately. In other words, from the first Click, in less time than it took to read this text, your order is ready to COLLECT.


Pop-up message during the wait for announcements on Master Chef and Survivor:
You have to wait for the winner... Βut you don't need to wait for your online order.

Chief Creative Officer: Panos Sambrakos
Group Creative Director: Christos Koumantos
Creative Director: Ioana Archontaki
Senior Copywriter: Leonidas Anagnostou
Copywriter: Niki Kleisoura
Art Director: Tzo Litina